Seventy Paintings in Seventy Days, but really in two and a half hours

This morning (Wednesday) we left for Auvres-Sur-Oise to see where Vincent Van Gogh spent his last days and completed 70 painting and 70 days and where him and his brother are buried. Th town of Auvres is a picturesque French town with the town church at the top of the hill and the cemetery further up on the hill.  It is about an hour outside of Paris and the name of the town translates to the wise river.  When we got of the bus we began our walk up the hill where we stopped at the church which has appeared in Van Gogh’s work before as well as in one of the more recent Dr. Who episodes.  We then continued walking up the hill to the cemetery where Vincent and his brother, Theo, Van Gogh are buried.  Their graves, unlike the others, are cover in ivy to symbolize their eternal brotherhood.  Theo died only months after his brother after contracting TB from his young son and his shock of his brother’s attempted suicide and ultimate death.  Then we walked back down the hill and toured the Romanesque style church that has become so famous.  We followed a small street further along the hill to the inn where Van Gogh lived for 70 days.  Along the way we passed by the traditional French homes with shutters and window boxes.  When we got to the inn we found this lovely flowering tree with a bench underneath surrounded by ivy covered buildings in the back, it was a great picture spot.    It was so beautiful and it really gave you that European feel.

We walked up to the second story floor and then up a spiral staircase to the small room that Van Gogh spent his last days and to think we thought our rooms were small.  We then let the inn and continued our walk through the tow where we saw the front of the inn, the Cafe where Van Gogh ate his meals and the bar he frequented.  This bar was the same one that appeared in the biography movie of Van Gogh starring Kirk Douglas. A little farther down the street was a small park with a statue of Van Gogh.  We went to the local store and brought some baguettes and came back to enjoy them in the park just like the French before heading back to Paris.

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One thought on “Seventy Paintings in Seventy Days, but really in two and a half hours

  1. Such a amazing view.I like reading this kind of article.

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