The View From Above

When we arrived at our hotel, we couldn’t believe how close our hotel actually was to the Eiffel Tower.   When we left our hotel room to go to lunch, we saw that the Eiffel Tower was diagonally across from us where we could see the whole structure, and not just the top of it.  Unfortunately, none of us have that kind of view from our room, but it is still incredible when you walk outside and it is right there.  It certainly is a great landmark and reminder that we are in fact in Paris.

After we got settled into our hotel rooms and took a short nap, we all met up to go visit the Eiffel Tower.  We then walked the two blocks to the entrance of the tower and waited for the hydraulic lift to take us up to the second level.  When we got out of the lift, which was an experience in and of itself: being packed like sardines into a lift as we ascended the tower.  It was certainly one of the fastest elevators I have been on for the number of stories it was going up.  On the second floor there were many people, but we were still able to make our way to the sides of the tower where the view was simply magnificent.  We could see the entire city which we had already begun to get familiar with along with some of the outskirts along Paris like Sacre Coeur in Montmartre.  At ever side we saw more and more of the city and we were even able to find our hotel.  Several students and friends of Bay Path decided to take the lift all the way to the top floor where they said that the view was also spectacular, but also a long way up on the lift.  When we returned to the ground, we headed back to the hotel for some down time before we made our way back downstairs for our welcome dinner.  We had a lovely buffet dinner of different chicken and fish dishes, cold salads, bread and cheeses.  Then there as a delicious selection of desserts: éclairs, mouse cakes, fruit tart, small bonbons, fruit, and different tarts.  We all took turns trying everyone’s desserts and  took a brief break in between bites to see the Eiffel Tower light up in “sparkly” lights for ten minutes on the hour.  We made sure to come back later to get more pictures before we settled in for a much needed rest.

See you tomorrow Paris.

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